Terms of Use

  1. Changes to orders will not be accepted 24 hours before delivery time.
  2. Cancellations of orders after 24 hours before delivery will be charged a $50 restocking fee.
  3. Payment and signed rental agreement must be provided the day prior to delivery or at delivery. We will only except Visa and M/C payments.
  4. Prior to delivery or pick up, client or stager is required to make sure all arrangements have been made with the condo or apartment complex.
  5. Drivers are not able to move furniture within the property unless it is owned by Source It Out Inc.
  6. Furniture cannot leave the location that is shown on the rental agreement unless approval is given by Source It Out Inc.
  7. Credit Card will automatically be billed for an additional month if renewals are not confirmed 5 days prior to due date.
  8. Rentals can be billed 2 weeks at a time after the first month.
  9. Rental agreements must be signed by the credit cardholder.